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New pictures and the last news from Peter Janes
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I have met up with the team today near Cumberland Maryland and rode with the east for about 100 miles, it certainly was great fun and a great experience to see this first hand. seeing these guys work so hard on the extremly long and steep hills under these humid weather conditions gives a whole new perspective on the accomplishment and the sacrifice that these athletes have brought forward. as Hubert Kilga told me "what an experience" all too soon it will be over for them and let the celebration begin.

WEBCAM — Finish Line
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News from Peter Janes - live from America:
With 2640 miles into the race and now less than 400 miles to go the RC ENJO TEAM has reached Timestation #48 in WEST VIRGINIA, total climb sofar is an incredible 88,800 feet. The team is now approx. 50 miles from the state of Maryland, i will meet up with the team in Western Maryland (probably in Hancock) and send pictures via e-mail immediately. The ENJO team is expected to finish tomorrow WEDNESDAY between 11:00 AM and 18:00 PM in ATLANTIC CITY, New Jersey, depending how their average speed is holding up during the last 20,000 feet that they have to climb thru Maryland and Pennsylvenia.

News from DANNY CHEW:
At TS #38 in Marshall, IL, I hung out with the 6 man HandCycle Team RC-Enjo Vorarlberg from Austria. Starting out with the solo riders over a week ago, they were last to the first two time stations in California. Moving up through the field across the country, only 7 solo riders beat them to TS #38. I spoke with crew member Dr. Helmut Ocenasek who was on Wolfgang Fasching’s 1998, 1999, & 2000 RAAM crews. He said the vicious South side/cross winds, which hammered riders on conventional bikes across Eastern Colorado and Kansas were much less of a problem for his team on their handcycles with 3 wheels, but direct headwinds were worse.

Their original goal of 10 days to Atlantic City is still doable. Ocenasek told me they had two periods of down time (no rider on the road). Early in the race, they lost 15 minutes because of a mechanical problem on a handcycle. Around the halfway point in Kansas, their GPS went down, and they got lost giving up 75 minutes. Ocenasek let me ride one of their handcycles around the parking lot at the gas station. It felt really strange/weird to be propelling a machine with my arms and not my legs. Ocenasek brings a very scientific approach to RAAM. He regularly takes blood and urine samples from the riders to check their electrolyte levels.

News from Peter Janes - live from America:
The Team BEAVER CREEK VAIL COLORADO has reached New Jersey and is only 60 miles from the finish line. they are expected to finish around 8:30AM EDT ahead of team TYPE 1. Team Beaver Creek will have mastered the entire distance in approx. 5 days 14 hours and 30 minutes.

The RC ENJO Team has left the state of INDIANA and another 386 miles in the last 24 hours behind them and has entered now the state of OHIO. They are just 150 miles from the last big challenge the APALACHIEN MOUNTAINS in WEST VIRGINIA, MARYLAND and PENNSYLVANIA with climbs totaling another 31,900 feet which will bring them over the 100,000 feet mark since the start of the race. I talked yesterday several times with the riders and crew members, everyone is A - OK and looking forward to the celebration in Atlantic City.

News from Peter Janes - live from America:
the RC ENJO VORARLBERG has passed the 2000 mile mark from the start, crossed the MISSISSIPPI into ILLINOIS and is now less than 1000 miles from Atlantic City. During the last 24 hour period the team left over 300 miles behind them and averaged 13.35 mph (21.36 kmh), climbed another 10,200 feet with a total climb sofar of 67,000 feet (22,333 meter). Even so the windy conditions of Kansas are behind them, the heat and the humidity in ILLINOIS and INDIANA are a strong factor right now (27 - 30 degrees celsius and up to 90% humidity). Team RC ENJO is currently in 14th overall position.
One of the riders from the SWISS TEAM DAMOVO was involved in an accident with a vehicle and injured, the team withdrew the race and is currently with the injured rider at a St.Louis hospital.

News from Peter Janes - live from America:
Team RC ENJO has reached the state of MISSOURI with 1364 miles (2153 km) to go. Several teams and Solo riders experienced violent electrical storms with winds blowing between 45 and 60 mph (72 - 96 km/h).
Time Station # 28, El Dorado, was closed for almost two hours on the advice of the Kansas Highway Patrol, and the storm is currently moving at a speed of around 35 mph towards time stations 29 and 30. Team RC ENJO has passed Time station # 30 at 4:15AM EDT and covered despite the severe conditions 273 miles (436 miles) during the last 24 hour period.
The official report from RAAM HEADQUARTERS read as follows:
"We are advising crews of the weather conditions, and they will choose whether to continue or to take shelter
Only a couple of hours before the storm the area surrounding the time station looked very dry. After it passed there was up to 3" (7 1/2 cm) of water on the ground around his time station. "It was like a flash flood, there was lightening coming down all around us, and the wind was blowing so hard you couldn't see straight."
Teams and riders that may have been affected by this particular storm include: Gerhard Gulewicz, Tinker Juarez, Kenny Souza, Team ViaSat, Emily's Team, Team BodyXChange, Attila Kaldy, Swiss Damovo Team, Tony O'Keefe, Athletes Racing for Charity, David Haase, Handcycleteam RC-Enjo Vorarlberg.More strong winds and electrical storms are forecast over the weekend, ranging from Kansas through Indiana."

News from Peter Janes - live from America:
by the time this report is posted the RC ENJO TEAM will have reached the HALFWAY POINT of the race, they reached TIMESTATION #24 in MONTEZUMA, KANSAS at 00:48 EDT (1345 miles - 2145 km into the race) and are in the 10th position overall.
Total Time since the start of the race is 4 days 7 hours and 21 minutes, Total Climbing sofar is 51,300 feet, the AVERAGE SPEED is 14.28 MP(22.85KMH).
Even so the climbing in the Rocky's is behind them and the course in KANSAS now is relatively flat, the weather conditions are a definite factor now, with a HEADWIND of 16-20 kmh, a temperatur of 30 degrees Celsius and with the humidity in the 60% range it is like riding in a SAUNA. Thunderstorms are also in the forecast for tomorrow.

News from Peter Janes - live from America:
Team Enjo arrived at TIME STATION #18 in ALAMOSA, COLORADO (977 miles into the race) at 20:41 EDT and has climbed a total of 43,100 feet sofar. The team has another 7,800 feet of climbing to do in COLORADO before they enter KANSAS. Team RC ENJO VORARLBERG is currently in 12th position right behind the Austrian Solo Rider Gerhard Gulewicz from Bad Ischl. The big news of today was that JURE ROBIC, a two time winner and defending champion, is out of the race due to medical reasons.

News from Peter Janes - live from America:
the ENJO team made a great effort during the night and left another 134 miles behind them climbed another 12,500 feet toward the highest point of the race Wolf Creek Pass is now less than 120 miles away. The weather could become a factor as well, since the temperatures are dropping to 9 degrees Celsius and Thunderstorms are in the forecast, on the positive side is a tail-wind from Southwest with 35kmh which should help the riders slightly. According to Hubert Sohm and Dr.Hubert Ocenasek everyone is healthy and in great spirits. The next two stages are going to be pretty tough, after that the race will approach the long flat plaines of the Mid West. Dr. Ocenasek summed it all up and said "absolutely fantastic effort on everyones part and we are right on schedule".

News from Peter Janes - live from America:
At 19:24PM EDT the ENJO team passed checkpoint #12 in MEXICAN HAT, UTAH, they are now in 18th position and have left another 330 miles in 24hrs behind them. the average speed now is at an incredible 15.56 miles per hour. the team has been climbing over 12,000 feet during the last 24hr period. it is approx. 220 miles to WOLF CREEK PASS which will be with an elevation of almost 11,000 feet and a climb of 4,100 feet one of the hardest stages of the race.

News from Peter Janes - live from America:
ENJO team arrived 3hrs ago (6:00AM EDT) in Flagstaff AZ in 25th position overall (out of 32 riders and teams) and now has 76 miles to the next timestation #10 in TUBA CITY, AZ with 1980 feet of climbing ahead of them, everything is going great and right on schedule sofar.

Once Across Austria lies already behind the RCV team
After the time station in Hope in Arizona the RC ENJO Vorarlberg team seems on place 28 of 34 up. The RCV team is started with the single drivers. Now begins the difficult ascent to the Wulf Creek. After conditions the precalculated end time is 10 days, 20 hours, 38 minutes. The team removed a "Penalty" on the first day, because one driver did not stopped at a stop sign. Statement of team physician Helmuth Ocenasek: "All six sportsmen are in a good condition!" In one of the rented living mobile was the generator defectively. The crew mechanic Manfred Ruenzler in co-operation with a local mechanic repaired during the first stage.

It's very hot in Arizona (40°C) to the beginning of RAAM
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The 2006 Race Across America Has Begun!
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NEWS from Oceanside:
Today the remaining cars were prepared for the race, which stressed more time, as expected. Also we had a first contact with the RAAM office, whereby our team earns a big respect for the action. The remaining formalities with the organizer such as acceptance of the cars and sport devices are settled tomorrow. Hubert Kilga and Wolfgang Wimmer trained first time on american grownd. Only the dominant traffic irritates the two sportsmen at the begin. The remaining sportsmen and responsible person will arrive still here this evening in Oceanside.

Mails to the team can be sent directly on rcv.raam@hotmail.com.

The RAAM-Team leaves Vorarlberg!
With the takeoff in "Altenrhein" in Switzerland on Tuesday (8,30 o'clock) began the adventure "Race Across America" for the sportsmen and responsible persons of the RC ENJO Vorarlberg. With the first flight via Vienna over Washington to San Diego with the arrival on Tuesday against 22.30 o'clock local time (Wednesday 7,30 o'clock Central European Summer Time) goes nearly the whole team into the USA, only the sportsmen Thomas Bechter, Juergen Egle, Philipp Bonadimann and Klaus Salzmann with the responsible persons Eugen Bonadimann, Daniel Jelovic and Helmut Thaler flies two days after. The responsible persons Richard Buecsek and Erwin wolf push in Vienna in addition.

Now it becomes seriously... the takeoff to America!
The first Group of the RC ENJO Vorarlberg Team flies on Tuesday to California, in order to make the necessary preparations locally - the remaining sportsmen/responsible person follow on Thursday.

Still one week up to the start !!!
The team is well prepared... in 3 days they will fly to America with the Handbike's Handbike (detail) as the world-wide all first wheelchair users in the Time of "Race Across Aermica".

The start always move closer...
With big steps the RC ENJO Vorarlberg comes the takeoff to America. On this day 18 responsible persons and six sportsmen break to San Diego to tackle over on 11 June the 4912 kilometers from the US west coast to Atlantic-City.

Uvex could be won as a helmet sponsor, optik4you makes available Rudy Project sun glasses and Salomon brings in itself with shoes into the project RACE ACROSS AMERICA.

RCV sportsmen present themselves on 1 May 2006 at the hand ball masters of the A1 Bregenz
On Monday the score-same Aon Fivers and A1 Bregenz in the fight for the victory in the master Play off in the Bregenzer hand ball arena meets one another. Our "Race Across America" (RAAM) Team presents itself and refers to the largest, sporty challenge of the RC ENJO Vorarlbergs since association history! How everything began, how our sportsmen prepare for running experience you will hear on Monday, 1 May in Bregenz!!!

RCV sportsman in the ORF-Studio
After the Paralympicses in Turin gone to end, the next high point of the RC ENJO Vorarlberg is waiting: The participation with the Race Across America. The ORF regional studio Vorarlberg presenting live the president of the RC ENJO Vorarlberg Hubert Kilga, Philipp Bonadimann, Thomas Bechter, Juergen Egle, Klaus Salzmann and Wolfgang Wimmer — the six sportmen's for RAAM.

Report on ORF Vorarlberg
The participation team of the RC ENJO Vorarlberg at the "Race Across America" provides for active interest with population and media.
[ Report on ORF Vorarlberg ]

Press conference in Altach, Schnabelholz
The Wheelchairclub ENJO Vorarlberg invites for the first time all media representatives from Austria and the near neighbourhood to Altach. The Press conference starts at 09.30 a.m. in the VIP-Area of the stadion center in Altach.
[ Report on "Vorarlberg-Heute" in Windows-Media-Player ]

Website www.raam2006.at goes online!
Just in time the official website of the wheelchairteam RC ENJO Vorarlberg opens for the press conference. We will currently inform you about all news of the “Race across America” participation.